Who We Are
Literacy Volunteers of Illinois was founded in 1979 to serve as a technical assistance
and training agency for volunteer literacy programs affiliated with the national Literacy Volunteers of America organization.  LVI began by working with just four LVA programs,
and today provides an array of resources and services to staff, tutors, and
students in some 100 adult literacy programs statewide.
Literacy Volunteers of Illinois is a statewide organization committed to developing
and supporting volunteer literacy programs that help families, adults and out-of-school
teens increase their literary skill.
Establish a network of trained and dedicated tutors
Foster student leadership
                  Make our services available to as many individuals as possible                         
Increase awareness of our services to the broadest possible audience
We treat tutors and students with courtesy, dignity and respect;    
We build our programs and networks with integrity;
We make our services available to all in need, without discrimination; 
We practice sound fiscal management;
We honor our commitments. 
 Lifetime Achievement Award 
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Thursday, October 13, 2017 

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